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18-12-2008 Protest in Athens

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Over 15.000 people protested today in Athens…

32 Protest in Athens

Here are some banners of the protesters:

04 Protest in Athens

35 Protest in Athens

45 Protest in Athens

55 Protest in Athens

00 Protest in Athens

34 Protest in Athens

58 Protest in Athens

22 Protest in Athens

50 Protest in Athens

56 Protest in Athens

13 Protest in Athens

51 Protest in Athens

25 Protest in Athens

32 Protest in Athens

45 Protest in Athens

25 Protest in Athens

57 Protest in Athens

28 Protest in Athens

53 Protest in Athens

This is the block of university tutors and researchers.

Protesters at Stadiou street shouting against government and police.

22 Protest in Athens

49 Protest in Athens

“Happy riot year 2008”

35 Protest in Athens

This is the block of Athens Law school students.

33 Protest in Athens

11 Protest in Athens

43 Protest in Athens

02 Protest in Athens

17 Protest in Athens

This is the banner of the polytechnic university. It is the most populated block in the protest and usually leading the protest.

34 Protest in Athens

Protesters are usually grabbed together like this so they to be more organized and harder to disperse.


03 Protest in Athens


Polytechnic protesters heading to policemen near the parliament


Protesters throwing molotov cocktails to riot police.


Protesters clashing with policemen.


08 Protest in Athens


22 Protest in Athens

Protesters standing in front of the police.


Polytechnic protesters attacking to police. This is a symbolic action.


49 Protest in Athens

Protesters have thrown red paint to riot police. Photographers and other protesters are making laugh of them.


50 Protest in Athens


Protesters throwing red paint and rocks to riot police. Riot police responds throwing tear gas. (a lot of)



more tear gas


54 Protest in Athens

The parliament.


57 Protest in Athens

This is the Christmas tree in Syntagma square. It was burnt down by protesters a few days ago and they are setting fire to it again.


The government can not afford the world to see Athens Christmas tree burning again. So riot police is there to protect it.


Riot police was in the alley provoking the protesters to throw stones to them. When they did so, police threw tear gas dispersing the protesters (peaceful or not).


40 Protest in Athens

The tear gas cloud.


13 Protest in Athens

Even the cops can’t stand the tear gas and are going to hide in some stores.


39 Protest in Athens

Protesters suffering from tear gas.


24 Protest in Athens

Student protesters suffering from tear gas.


04 Protest in Athens


10 Protest in Athens

This area belongs to Athens university. In Greece, police is not allowed to enter but as you see they are outside throwing tear gas to protesters and students inside.



42 Protest in Athens

Some protesters throwing stones to riot police.


26 Protest in Athens

Riot police throwing tear gas to university campus in Panepistimiou street. The tear gas cloud on the left is inside university campus.


Protesters clashing with riot police.


Riot police arrested a boy. It is not sure if he is even a protester. He was beaten up in the face during the arrest. They are taking them to Akadimias street.


49 Protest in Athens

People who saw what happen are shouting to the police that the boy is innocent.


The girl and the other people are asking why they did arrested him. They are asking to talk with the leader of this police group but they are asking too much. Also as you see policemen try to hide him from other people so they can not see (and photograph) his wounds.


51 Protest in Athens

Several people are asking why they arrested him.


40 Protest in Athens

You see the crowd behind watching the event and repelling the riot police. In Greece arrest of innocent people during protesting it is very common as government want to scare people away from protesting.


Now they are taking him back to Panepistimiou street where they arrested him so other protesters can see that even if they are peaceful they are in danger participating to protests.

Youtube videos exist also in high quality on youtube.

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Written by endiaferon

19 December, 2008 at 01:45

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